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Celebrating 100 Years

A Look Back at Centennial Celebration Events

From the 2013 Centennial website:


In 1913, Father Felix Ullrich, Benedictine priest from St. Leo Abbey, celebrated the first Mass for the small Catholic community living in New Port Richey. Six years later the first church structure was completed on Washington Street.

Now, 100 years after our founding, Our Lady Queen of Peace is a vibrant worshipping and serving community. During 2013 a number of events are planned to recall and celebrate our heritage as well as start us on our way to future work.

We encourage you to join us as we celebrate this milestone. Whether you sign up as a sponsor, volunteer, or attend an event, we will be grateful for your participation.

Note: Our goal is to provide up-to-date and accurate information on this website. However, it is not possible for Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish to guarantee the accuracy of the content provide on these pages and the church can not be held responsible for the consequences of errors that may be found. Please refer to the weekly church bulletin or call the church office for the most timely information on our Centennial events.


Centennial 2013 celebrates 100 years of communion in Christ, and invites parishioners-past, present and future-to rejoice with us and thank God for the many blessings He has bestowed on Our Lady Queen of Peace.

Centennial Leadership

We are pleased to recognize those who are providing leadership for our Centennial Celebration.

Honorary Chairpersons

Honorary Chairpersons

Pictured (left to right): Richard Bekesh, Ann Hildebrand, Fr. Sebastian, Frank Klausch (seated), Chuck Grey, Heather Fiorentino, John Gallagher, and Msgr. Aiden Foynes. Not pictured: Sen. Mike Fasano

Leadership Committee

Carol Keyes, Chair; Cheryl Cominsky; Ann Lehr; Alex Perez; Bob Poll; and Donna Grates, Treasurer

Committee Chairpersons

We gratefully acknowledge the leadership provided by the following individuals and pray God will bless their efforts.

Event Committees:

Centennial Carnival – Cheryl Cominsky

Centennial Mass – Ann Lehr & Nancy Moyers

Chasco Fiesta Float – Joe Firoentino

Christian Concert – Chuck Grey

Fall Carnival – Joe Fiorentino

Gala Dinner Dance – Cheryl Cominisky and Bob Poll

Garden Wedding Reception – Donna Grates

Golf Tournament – Tom Gottberg

Health & Wellness Fair – June Long

Heritage Mass – Ann Lehr & Nancy Moyer

International Cultural Festival – Ann Lehr & Alex Perez

Mass at Peace Hall – Betsy Wunderlich

Mass of Remembrance – Cecila Mahone

Parish Picnic – Bill Furhman & George Mountford

Pilgrimage to Mexico – Mary Palamar

Trip to St. Leo’s Abby – Ann & Peter Lehr

Veterans Dinner – Opal & George Mountford

Youth Rally – Jennifer Aitken

Other Committees:

Centennial Calendar – Bette and Andy Lundquist Centennial

Cookbook – Nancy Moyers Centennial

Parish Directory – Ann Lehr

Patrons Funding – Father Sebastian, Carol Keyes, Cheryl Cominsky, Donna Grates, Ann Lehr, Alex Perez, and Bob Poll

Sales Items – Peter Lehr

Volunteers – Opal Mountford

Web site- Bob Poll

A Brief History of Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church

New Port Richey, Florida

The first Mass in the western part of Pasco County was celebrated in 1913 by Father Felix Ullrich, O.S.B., in the home of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Casey, who lived on Washington Street and Circle Boulevard, at that time the center of the town of New port Richey.  The Casey’s dining room table was used for an altar and Ms. Casey dressed it in her finest linens for the important occasion.  In the early day three families attended Mass, which was offered once a week on the day Father Felix could make the trip from St. Leo Abbey.  Father Felix remained the priest-charge of this mission until 1932.

New Port Richey at the time of the First World War was a town of about 200 persons.  Within a few years the few Catholic who lived there tried to build a church.  Two lots were purchased on Washington and Second Streets, about three blocks from the center of town. With the aid of the Catholic Extension Society and through the efforts of Father Felix the building of a small frame church was started.  On March 9, 1919, the church was ready and dedicated by Abbot Charles, Mohr, O.S.B., assisted by Father Felix, with Louis and Vincent Roy as altar boys.  Mrs. Roy played the piano.  This church was an attractive white frame building with a steep

Gable roof and a bell tower over the front entrance.  It was built by Louis Lupine and a Mr. Copeland.

By 1920 there were seven Catholic families in the town.

In September 1921, a severe hurricane ripped through New Port Richey.  The belfry of the church was knocked to the ground and the church itself was lifted from its foundations.  While originally it faced Ohio Avenue, after the storm it faced Washington Street.  Father Felix was in the sacristy at the time the storm struck and he was unhurt.  It was decided to reinforce the foundation and to rebuild the church on the original site, but without the belfry.

Several additions were later made to increase the size of the church.  By 1929 it had reached its present size, with seating capacity of  180.  The sacristy now is carpeted in green with green drapery behind the altar.  There is a large white Altar of Reservation and a smaller Altar of Sacrifice, both constructed of wood.  A large wooden cru fix hangs above the high altar.

Father Felix took up permanent resident in New Port Richey shortly after the storm.  The sacristy was his temporary home until a rectory was built next to the church in 1922.  At this time there were thirteen Catholic families in the town, among whom we may name Paul and Anna Thiel, William and Mary Casey, Mrs. Frank Grey, Joseph and Anna Weiskopf, Peter Kissel, Elizabeth Czaska, Mrs. Oscar Hermes, and Mrs. Frances Roy, Mr. and Mrs. Peter DeCubellis, Mr. Angelo DeCubellis, Mr. and Mrs. Janivieeer DeCubelis, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lysek and Mr. and Mrs. Martin VanPoucke.

The first meetings of the Rosary Altar Society of the mission were held in the homes of the ladies.  Mrs. Frank Grey was its first president.  Card parties and other activities were organized to try to raise a few dollars to care of the living expenses of Father Felix.

A roof for a rectory was purchased April 10, 1922 and later the same year Lois Lupin constructed the rectory, and attached a story and a half frame house with a multi-gabled roof.  The attic was made into an apartment and rented to help provide revenue for the parish.

There was a notable “Movie Colony” along the Cotee River in the 1920’s.  Among the celebrities were Tom and Jim Meighan, the great golfer Gene Sarazen, and Edna Wallace Hopper.  These visitors contributed generously toward the building of the parish hall, which today is a consoling source of income for the parish.  Through the efforts of Mrs. Elizabeth Kissel, donations were received, and the hall was started on January 22, 1931.  It was completed on June 20 of the same year.  Some of the workmen were Peter Kissel, Paul Thiel, a Mr. Breslin, and others.  The donations amounted to $1,209.97 and the cost of the building was $1,128.39.

This hall, a large white frame 70’ x 29’ building with green shingle roof is still in excellent shape today.  It has kitchen families, a stage, a large wood floor for dances and other activities, and it is capable of seating 170 persons for Sunday Masses.  It now has jalousie windows for added light and ventilation.

On January 6, 1932, Father Felix was appointed Spanish instructor at St. Leo College preparatory School and was replaced by Father Paul Keegan, O.S.B.  Father Felix had spent nineteen years in the town, had gained many friends, and was well liked by both Protestants and Catholics.  The following comments are taken from a recent history of the area:  “There were clergymen in New Port Richey whey whose outstanding service and uplifting must come in our reflections of the past generation.  Apart, in a sense, in their denominational affiliations, yet close in friendship were Father Felix of the Catholic Church and the Reverend B. M. Pack of the Baptist Church.  They were loved by all, both Saint and Sinners, and fraternized in true Christian fellowship.”  (Ralph Bellwood, Tales of West  Pasco (Hudson, Florida:  Albert J. Wakovec, 1962), 45).  This gives some indications that the relationships between the few Catholics and the rest of the populations were amiable.

Father Paul remained in charge of the church in New Port Richey from 1932 until 1946.

During his tenure, on Palm Sunday, 1942, some boys were playing ball in the street in front of the church when suddenly they saw smoke pouring out of the church.  Young Wilson Cornell and the other boys went into the rectory to wake Father Paul.  Fortunately, the blaze was stopped before too much damage was done; only the rafters were scorched.  The cause of the fire was defective wiring.  Afterwards, the ladies of the mission raised funds to repair the damage and to repaint the interior.

In 1946 Father Maurus Cook, O.S.B replaced Father Paul.  During his four years stay in New Port Richey Father Maurus organized the first youth club in the town which was called the Teen Canteen.  This club, which was open to all tens of the town and was chaperoned by members of various faith, met about twice a week and was always supervised personally by Father Maurus.  The priest personally built many of the pews now in use in the church.

In 1948 two lots were purchased across the street from the church.  The land was swampy and it was filled in for use as a parking lot.  Adjourning property, six lots, was secured by Michael Millbauer and it, too, is used for parking.

During the year 1953 to 1954, under the direction of Father Aloysius Dressman, the people of the community got together to build a shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, in memory of Father Felix Ullrich, the mission’s founder.  A semi-circular wall made of coral rock came from Millbauer Mines near Aripeka, Florida.  A large Carrara marble statue of Our Lady was placed on a four-step pedestal and the whole area was attractively landscaped and floodlit at night.  A circular coral rock pool stands in front of the shrine.  On the evening of December 8, 1953, Abbot Francis Sadlier of St. Leo Abbey officiated at the dedication ceremony.

On May 21, 1957, Father Ignatius McCarthy, O.S.B. celebrated the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of his ordination with a Solemn High Mass and the mission honored Fr. Ignatious with a reception.  Father Aloysius delivered the sermon.

In 1960 and 1961 Father Aloysius bought four lots and two cottages on the corner of Washington and Virginia Avenue.  The cottages were turned into eight classrooms for Christian doctrine classes and were named after Popes Pius X and John XX111.  The Christian Doctrine program, which was organized in the summer of 1964, has forty teaching members and about 180 elementary school children and fifty-five high school students under religious instruction.  Prior to 1964 the Sister of St. Benedict from Holy Name Priory came once a week to give instruction.

In recent years the mission, like the city of New Port Richey, has undergone considerable growth.  In 1920, out of 862 residents of the town only seven families were Catholic.  Population in the city had been steady since 1950, with a large jump in population between 1961 (3,482) and 1963 (9000).  In 1957, there were 150 families in the  mission, here are now 500 Catholic families.  In 1960, the hall had to be employed for Sunday Masses.

On December 16, 1962, the leaders and the members of the entire community turned out to honor Father Aloysius on the occasion of his thirty-fifth ordination anniversary.

On July 5, 1963, Father Aloysius contract to buy ten acres of land on U.S. Highway 19 at the south end of town for $30,000.  On September 1, 1963, Father Michael Leap, O.S.B. replaced Father Aloysius.  On January 26, 1964 Archbishop Hurley granted permission to prepare plans for a new church which the growing mission badly needed.  In the winter of 1964-1965 three Masses were offered in the Cinema Theatre and one at the old church, accommodating in all 1,500 persons each Sunday.

The new church was completed in the late Spring 1966.  This building is a provisional church of brick and stucco construction with laminated beams, a wood ceiling, and a deck roof.  It seats 500 persons.  It has a terrazzo floor and is air-conditioned.  A small social hall adjoins it.

In 1964, Father Michael had the rectory modernized, air-conditioned, and completely refurbished.  There are now three bedrooms, one large and one small bath, a large living area, kitchen, porch, three offices and a carport.

On Sunday, October 25, 1965, Father Michael began a new mission in Hudson, about seven miles north of the church.  The first Mass was offered that day by Father Richard Kircher, O.S.B. in the Volunteer Fire Department Hall on Highway 19.  Eighty-one persons attended.  On March 7, 1965 masses were transferred to tow stores rented in the Oakley Building in Hudson.  The largest attendance that winter was 130.  There are 1,500 homes in this area (north of State Road 52 to the Pasco-Hernando County line) with a Catholic population of about ten percent.

On Memorial Day, 1964, an outdoor Mass was celebrated at the shrine in honor of our country’s dead.  About 600 persons from the community attended the service, including member of the American Legion.  The service was held again the following year.

Another annual activity at the parish is the May procession in which the parish children and organizations foregather to pay homage to Mary at the outdoor shrine.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Church now serves the western part of Pasco County , from the Gulf to a line about eight miles east of the Gulf.  The mission now has the following organizations:  Altar Rosary Society, Holy Name Society, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Catholic Youth Organization, Catholic Men’s Club, and Usher’s Club.

Throughout its history the following laymen have played important roles in Our Lady Queen of Peace Mission:  Paul Thiel, Joseph and Anna  Weiskopf, Peter and Elizabeth Kissel,  James  and  Terry Altman, Leo Smith and Mary Grey.

The mission is proud that Father Lawrence  Schuck, O.S.B. who was ordained in 1963, was raised in this mission before his parents moved to St. Petersburg.  Mr. William J. Weiskopf of the St Augustine and Mr. Edward Parent of the Diocese of Syracuse are seminarians from the mission.

On Sunday, January 16, 1966 ground was broken for the new church of Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish.  It was completed by October and the first Mass in the new church was celebrated by Father Leap on Sunday, October 16, 1966.  It was formally dedicated by Most Reverend Joseph P. Hurley, Archbishop – Bishop of St. Augustine on Sunday, January 15, 1967.

Within a few years the parish outgrew its facilities and was divided practically in half.  In May 1969 a new parish was established in Holiday, St Vincent de Paul under the direction of Father Joseph Beaumont.  In January 1971 the mission in the Hudson – Bayonet Point area was established as a parish under the direction of Father George Malin with St. Michael as patron saint.

In June 1975 Father Michael Leap, O.S.B. was transferred to Our Lady of Grace, Lecanto, Fla.  Father Aiden Foynes was then appointed Pastor.  Father Foynes was assisted by Father Robert Fucheck, O.S.B. and Father Julius Piatkowski who replaced Father William Loesch after he had been transferred to St. Vincent de Paul.

Recent Years:

Under Father Foynes aegis, major changes took place starting with the building of our Parish Center, opened in 1980.  Previous Parish activities were relegated to the Marion Center, a room behind the Altar in the Provisional Church building.  It was complete with a kitchen (now the Cry Room) and rest rooms.  A folding curtain behind the Altar could be opened when overflow at Mass required that “camp chair” seating be used behind the Altar.  Celebrants had ample practice “pivoting” from front audience to rear in a losing attempt to be fair to all as they celebrated Mass.

Father Foynes assisting clergy continue to live in the tiny rectory on Washington Street and Father Foynes maintained his office there until the Parish Center offices became available in 1988 when Father Foynes dedicated the fine new Priests’ Residence across the street from the Church.  Tribute to Father’s leadership:  the Priests’ Residence was debt-free on its opening day.  Father reminded everyone….the generosity of his flock had much to do with that happy phenomenon!

The enclave surrounding the church was enlarged with the purchase of a resident for Sister (now the Centennial House), bordering the north parking lot and another home on Shaw Street adjoining the Priests’ Residence (St. Vincent DePaul Society building).  This home was purchased to accommodate visiting priests.  A 3-bay garage and workshop was built to accommodate equipment and to provide work space for the Rosary Altar Society.

With the great Hall available in the Parish Center, the time was right to proceed with modernization of our church.  Father’s study group decided against building a brand new church that would have had to be built on the field bordering U.S.  19.  Construction would have been very costly and time consuming.  To improve what we had, Architect Charles Partin presented plans to improve the seating configuration to achieve eye-to-eye contact between every parishioner and the celebrant; improve lighting and acoustics; improve control and capacity of the air conditioning and to provide a more eye-catching sanctuary.

Father insisted we retain as much of the “old” as possible, respecting the proud history of growth.  The original stained glass windows, made in 1920 were retained, serving as Station of the Cross.  The Altar Table, Tabernacle and Lectern, all carried over from the old church were clad in rich Carrara Marble to match the Sanctuary which is now 11 feet longer than the old building was wide!  The Altar Stone, built in the Altar Table was originally embedded in the old Altar on Washington Street, back in 1919.

As Father’s tenure at Our Lady Queen of Peace was ending, he was busy planning the addition of 4 classrooms.

Several pastors followed Father Foynes.  Currently, our pastor is Rev. Sebastian Earthedath, MST.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Pastoral Leadership


Father Felix Ullrich, O.S.B.                      1913-1932

Father Paul Keegan, O.S.B.                1932-1946

Father Maurus Cook, O.S.B.                    1946-1950

Father Gerard Brady, O.S.B.                     1950-1952

Father Aloysius Dressman, O.S.B           1952-1955

Father Vincent Crawford, O.S.B.               1955-September thru December

Father Bernard Weigl, O.S.B.                   1956-June thru May

Father Benedict Weigand, O.S.B.           1956-June thru August

Father Ignatius McCarthy, O.S.B.           September 1956-May 1957

Father Aloysius Dressman, O.S.B.          May 1957-September 1963

Father Michael Leap, O.S.B.                     September 1963-June 10, 1975


Rev. Aiden Foynes                                       June 10, 1975-June 1993

Rev. Gerald Powers                                     June 1993 to 1998

Rev. Ken Slattery                                         2003 to 2006

Rev. Sebastian Earthedath, MST              May 2009 to present

Parish Directory

October – December, 2012

We hope you’ll support our goal of publishing a parish directory. Portraits will be taken, by appointment, in October and November 2012 and the directory will be available in the spring.  This beautiful, hardcover book will be free to persons who chose to purchase their portrait and will be available for purchase to other families.  Numerous pictures will reflect Our Lady Queen of Peace history, heritage, and ministries.  Addresses and telephone numbers will not be listed.

Watch the weekly bulletin for information on scheduling your portrait appointment.

Monthly 1st Friday Dinners

The Social Committee will continue their monthly “First Friday Dinners” throughout our Centennial year. Meals cost just $5 and the fellowship is priceless! Service begins at 5pm.

Volunteer Opportunities: The Social Committee hosts these meals and there is lots to do beginning with setup in the morning, cooking, serving, cleanup, and more. If you can help at one or more monthly meals please contact Opal and George Mountford or the parish office.

Centennial Kickoff

October 27 & 28, 2012  All Weekend Masses

Father Sebastian and the Centennial Leadership Committee will highlight the Centennial events and activities planned from January 2013 through January 2014. During the Masses we will ask God’s blessings on our plans and pray that our centennial year will not only allow us to celebrate past accomplishments but increase our desire to serve and worship God in the years ahead.

Centennial Heritage Mass

Saturday, January 5, 2013  4:00 pm

We will begin our year-long centennial celebration with this Heritage Mass which will remember and honor the founding families of the parish and all those who have been associated with the parish throughout the last 100 years. Monsignor Aident Foynes, pastor of Queen of Peace from June 1975 to June 1993, will preside.

Parish Picnic

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Parish Grounds and Parish Center (Time will be announced when our plans are finalized. )

The Social Committee is planning a day of joy, fun, entertainment and food. Make plans now to joins us. A large number of volunteers will be needed. Please call the church office if you can help us host this event.

Gala Dinner Dance

Spartan Manor

February 8, 2013


We hope you will make plans to join us on February 8, 2013 at the Spartan Manor in New Port Richey. This major event of our year-long centennial celebration will bring together several decades of individuals who have been or are currently a part of the Queen of Peace community.

  The semi-formal evening will include dinner, silent auction, music, dancing, and door prizes, as well as music and dancing for your enjoyment.

  Reservations can be made by contacting Donna Grates at 727-372-5519  Tickets are $65.00 pp and weekly or monthly payment plans can be made with Ms. Grates.  Seating is limited to 500 persons so we encourage you to purchase your tickets early.  Get together with family, friends or neighbors and reserved a table of ten.  The more the merrier!

  Call or write to friends who have moved away from the parish.  Show how much you care by sharing this special invitation with them.  Everyone who loves Our Lady Queen of Peace is welcome to come back and celebrate with us.

  Sponsors are needed to ensure the success of the evening. Individuals and business can find out about donating items for the auction, table sponsorships, advertising in the dinner program, and other opportunities by clicking here.

     Volunteer Opportunities: Cheryl Cominsky and Bob Poll are providing leadership for this event. Help is needed with acquiring advertising, donations and sponsorships, silent auction/event set up, ticket sales, table sales, table coordination, registration at the event, and marketing the event.

Centennial Mass at Our Lady Queen of Peace

February 16, 20134:00pm

Bishop Robert Lynch will celebrate this Mass where we will offer our praise and thanks to God for the ministry of the past 100 years and ask God’s blessing on the future of our parish. A reception will be held following the Mass in the parish hall.

Reservations and tickets are not required but we do anticipate a large attendance and so encourage those attending to arrive early in order to ensure seating. Overflow attendance will be able to view the Mass from the parish hall via a video remote.

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers will assist the Social Committee with the reception, set up/clean up, video tech, parking control, Bishop’s photography and other tasks.

Mass at Peace Hall, Sims Park

Saturday, March 9, 2013 Time will be announced closer to the date of the event

The building now known as Peace Hall, located in New Port Richey’s Sims Park, is the original church structure of Our Lady Queen of Peace. The first Mass was offered in this building on March 19, 1919.

We invite you to join us for the celebration of the Mass at Peace Hall. An outdoor reception will follow.

Volunteer Opportunities: Betsy Wunderlich is providing the leadership for this event.  Volunteers are needed to assist the Social Committee with the reception, set up/clean up, video tech, and parking control.

Christian Concert


March 9
Chuck Grey leads the committee working to host a Christian concert in the Queen of Peace Church.  The concert will be held in the Church on March 9, 2013, at 6:30PM featuring “DESERT RAIN BAND” and “ACT ONE 5″.

Palm Sunday Service

Sunday, March 24, 20136:30 pm

Join us at this special evening time as we celebrate the Lord’s entry into Jerusalem and begin Holy Week.

Gus LloydRadio host, Gus Lloyd, will give a presentation at the service. You can hear Mr. Lloyd weekday mornings from 7-10 a.m on his radio program Seize the Day on The Catholic Channel on Sirius XM 129!

To learn more about Gus Lloyd, visit his website or click here for a brief biography.


April 1-6

A Pilgrimage is being planned for the above dates.

Chasco Fiesta Float

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Knights of Columbus will design, build and drive the parish float. Contact the Knights of Columbus for ways you can contribute to this tribute to our heritage

Health and Wellness Festival

Parish Center and Grounds Friday – Sunday, April 12 – 14, 2013

Times for each day’s events will be published later.

The parish will host a 3-day festival focused on health and wellness. We invite you to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle, watch demonstrations, and interact with the presenters.

  • On Friday, April 14, 2013, thirty vendors will provide information, literature and demonstrations.  Breakout sessions will be in the Parish Center classrooms.  Refreshments will be available.

  • Saturday morning will be a special Youth Health and Safety Fair.  Health and safety services and agencies will provide testing, activities, fitness and demonstrations.

  • Sunday afternoon a nutrition lecture and food preparation will be highlighted.

    Volunteer Opportunities: June Long, the event chairwoman, is actively recruiting physicians, nurses, health educators, health vendors/providers, nutritionists and volunteers. Helpers are needed beginning Thursday, April 11, 2013 to set up the Fair. Volunteers are then needed during the fair for room set up and breakdown, greeting, and assisting the Social Committee with food preparation and sales. Clerical tasks, signs and program preparation, and vendor’s solicitation also require volunteer help.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Groundbreakers Reception

Parish Hall Sunday May 5, 20133:00 pm

Parishioners and their families who have been in the parish for 30 or more years will be honored at this gathering.  Stories of days gone by will be shared.


Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers will assist the Social Committee with refreshments, set up and break down. The Leadership Team will need help with preparing and mailing invitations, preparing the event program and certificates, and photography.

May Crowning

Wednesday, May 15, 2013, 10:00 – 11:00AM

May Crowning is a traditional Roman Catholic ritual celebrated in May each year. A statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary is ceremonially crowned to signify her as Queen of Heaven and the Mother of God.

Please join Fr. Sebastian and our priests at the Centennial May Crowning and Rosary at Peace Hall (our first church structure) Sims Park, New Port Richey.  All persons in attendance will be invited to participate in this beautiful ceremony.  Our first families started this tradition almost 100 years ago.

We invite you to continue this parish tradition.  Kindly bring a dessert to share. Coffee will be provided.

Renewal of Vows, “Spotlight on Marriage”

Sunday, June 9, 2013
5:00 – 8:00PM, Parish Center

A Celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage

Those who were married at Our Lady Queen of Peace and their guests are invited to this June event. Couples will have the opportunity to renew their vows and a reception will follow for all persons and families including surviving spouses who were married at our Church. Marriage pictures will be joyfully displayed.

Volunteer Opportunities: Donna Grates is the chairwoman for this event. Her committee needs volunteers to assist the Social Committee with refreshments and the set up/break down.  Additionally clerical assistance with the invitations and program is needed. Garden flowers will be welcomed.

Reservations are being accepted at the Church office.  For information please call Donna @372-5519 or E

Donation: $15.00 per couple, $7.50 single, $4.00 youth.

Evening includes: ceremony, individual photos, dinner, dancing, favors, drawing and prizes, vow renewal certificate, memories and blessings.  Seating will be limited.

Rocking the Rosary, Aug. 17

August 17, 2013
Rocking the Rosary will be a special event for teens from the deanery parishes.  It will be a time of discussion, reflection and learning.  We will be sharing with them the Joyful Mysteries series in an attempt to show how Jesus’ life as a teen resembles their lives as teens.

Brian Anderson, speaker from St. Michael’s, will facilitate.

All youth, ages 11 -15 are invited.

Centennial Golf Tournament

Seven Springs Golf & Country Club Saturday, September 28, 2013

Golfers of all abilities are invited to participate in this 4-person scramble tournament. Recruit a full foursome or sign up individually and meet new golfers. Either way, we promise a fine day on the course complete with contests, door prizes, and dinner. The entry fee covers green fees, cart, tournament contests, and dinner.

Sponsorships are available and are vital to the success of the event. Individuals and businesses can sponsor a hole as well as contribute a door prize. Details will be available in July.

Volunteer Opportunities: A significant number of volunteers are needed to host the tournament. Jobs include soliciting prizes and recruiting players, tournament day registration, supervision of the tournament contests, coordinating prize drawings, preparation of the tournament program, assembly of the gift bags, and many more similar tasks.

Fatima Rosary Crusade

October 12, 2013, Noon

The Rosary Rally will take place at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church on the grass near the church entrance near US 19.  Please bring lawn chairs.

For more information, please contact Peggy Scicchitano @ 727.359.1302

Fall Carnival

Thursday – Sunday, October 18-21, 2013

Under the leadership of the Knights of Columbus we anticipate another successful Carnival. Watch for details and make plans to bring your friends and family for several days of fun and fellowship.

Volunteer Opportunities: Contact the Knights of Columbus for ways you can assist with this event.

Mass of Remembrance for Deceased Parishioners

Saturday, November 9, 201310:00 am

Our pastor, Fr. Sebastian, will offer a Mass of Remembrance for deceased parishioners of Our Lady Queen of Peace Church. A reception will follow in the Parish Center.  We invite you to join the families and friends of those who went before us as we join in the Eucharistic celebration.

Volunteer Opportunities: Cecilia Mahone is the chairwoman for this event. Volunteer opportunities include assisting the Social Committee with refreshments and set up/break down.  Clerical volunteers are needed for the invitations, certificates, program and photography.

Groundbreaking for Our Lady Queen of Peace Entrance Marker

Saturday, December 7, 2013 Time will be announced

Father Sebastian and other members of the Leadership Team, the Centennial Honorary Chairs, and our Centennial Patrons will joyfully break ground for the new entrance monument that will commemorate our first 100 years of ministry.

Parish Advent Mission

Saturday – Wednesday, December 7-11, 2013 Begins Saturday at the 4:00 pm Mass

The Advent Mission, led by Fr. Eugene O’Reilly will provide an opportunity for parishioners to advance their Christian walk. Advent is a time of anticipation when we look forward to the celebration of Jesus’ birth and we hope Fr. O’Reilly’s teaching will aid us in preparing for Christmas.

Volunteer Appreciation Mass and Reception

Sunday, January 5, 201410:30 Mass

This Mass and the reception that will follow in the Parish Center will recognize the many volunteers who shared their time and talents with Our Lady Queen of Peace community during our parish’s centennial celebration.

Additional Events

Trip to St. Leo’s Abbey

March, 2013
Ann and Pete Lehr are working on a trip to St. Leo’s. Our parish’s first priests came from the Abbey at St. Leo’s and our visit will allow us to learn more about these men and their successors.

Youth Rally

August 2013
Jennifer Aitken and her committee are planning a special day for the youth of our area.

International Cultural Festival

In a diverse place like Our Lady Queen of Peace there is sure to be something for everyone to celebrate!  Alex Perez & Ann Lehr are providing the leadership for this event.

Veterans Dinner

November 2013

Opal and George Mountford are providing leadership for this event to honor the veterans of our parish.

Mass and Christmas Tree Lighting

December, 2013

Following a celebration of the Mass we’ll gather to light the parish Christmas tree. If Christmas is your favorite holiday consider helping us to plan and host this event. It would be a great way for you to share your love of the season!

Youth Thumb Print Plaque & Time Capsule

December, 2013
A time capsule will be assemble containing a wide variety of items that might tell our story to later generations. Have a suggestion for the capsule’s contents? Let us know!


In order for all the events we’ve planned to be successful we need volunteers. Tasks range from clerical duties to physical labor and it is all very important!

The pages on our centennial site list some of the things that are needed for each event and more will be added in the coming months. As you review our needs we hope you’ll want to help us by sharing your talents and expertise.

Also, the Centennial Committee meets monthly to plan and coordinate all the events and activities for our celebration. You are welcome to attend our next scheduled meeting. Monthly meetings will be held the 2nd Tuesday, 6:30 P.M., Centennial House from August 2012 to January 2014.


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Online Giving

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