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Let us go rejoicing to the house of the Lord.

Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA)





The Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA) for the Diocese of St. Petersburg... 

APA is an annual appeal by the Bishop to all parishes in the diocese to fund a variety of ministries and services throughout the parishes and missions in our diocese.  
Every parish in this diocese is given an APA assessment each year.  It is the goal of each parish, through the outstanding generosity of its parishioners, to meet 100% of its assessment.   
Any deficit in the amount collected for the APA assessment must be paid to the Diocese from the parish offertory.  As you can see, one way or another, the parish must pay the assessment amount. If, however, we are fortunate enough to collect over and above the APA assessment, then all surplus dollars will come directly back to Our Lady Queen of Peace for us to use as we wish. 
God has especially blessed our parish family with health and resources.  Many of us are able to participate in the APA appeal in a generous manner. Others may only be able to offer a modest amount. But every contribution will help our parish reach our goal. We ask that each family prayerfully consider a gift to this yearly appeal. While this is our parish, our spiritual home, remember that we are part of a much larger church. If we act together as members of the one family united in Christ’s love, we can do great things.  

How can I support the Annual Pastoral Appeal?
With God’s love in your heart we ask that you to make a sacrificial commitment that can be paid over a ten month period. Please consider a gift that is meaningful – a gift from your heart. All gifts are welcomed and valued. We invite you to respond in the following ways:

  • Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for those who have given to the Annual Pastoral Appeal.
  • Reflect on Christ’s call to be Catholic Stewards who accept responsibility to return a portion of the gifts we have received from God in gratitude.
  • Make a sacrificial gift or pledge according to your means and current circumstances.

Jesus taught us that we are one body. What affects anyone of us, affects us all. Gifts to the Annual Pastoral Appeal demonstrate our care for our sisters and brothers in Christ and our dedication to building the Kingdom of God.  John 17:21

Please remember to write #150 OLQP on your check.  Feel free to place your offering in the collection.  We’ll send it to the Diocese for you!

Por favor recuerden de escribir el número #150 en su cheque.  Siéntase libre en colocar su ofrenda en la colecta.  ¡Se la entregaremos a la diócesis por usted!

Que Dios los bendiga.


2018 Annual Pastoral Appeal
Diocese of St. Petersburg, FL

Click here to make your online APA Donation.

257 parishioners have responded to this year’s Annual Pastoral Appeal ( as of February 27).   Father Sebastian is encouraging ALL families to participate, no matter the size of  your gift .  Envelopes are available in the narthex or ask an usher.  Please include “OLQP 150” on the memo line.  You may choose to use a plain envelope from home.  Kindly address to “APA 2018”.  Place your envelope in the collection on Sunday. We will see that it gets to the Diocesan office.

Let us all work together to meet  this responsibility.  God bless you!



Online Giving

Online Giving

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