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Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church Welcomes You

Serving West Pasco for 100 Years

Parish Mission Statement
Formed by the Word of God, and nourished by the Sacraments, we the servant community of Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church, blessed by our diversities, are bound in the Spirit by love, to reach out, respect, and embrace all people. 

3rd Sunday of Easter

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Jesus Christ,

Then Jesus said to them, “Why are you troubled...
Look at my hands and my feet, that it is I myself. Touch me and see...”

I don’t know why I am now so concerned about the wound marks of my Lord? Normally I don’t pay much attention to those wounds of my Lord even when I pray. But that day it was different. It could be because all these days I was listening to many stories about those wounds of my Lord, stories about his love, about our betrayal, about his sacrifice about our cruelty and so on. It worried me all the more when a question about my own involvement in those stories came up all on a sudden. No, I deny it. I had no role in wounding my lord. I am not a part of those stories. It happened many, many years back; I wasn’t there. I relaxed. Wait a minute. Something dropped on my face. My finger went to wipe it out. Was it a drop of blood? Is it from my Lord’s wounds? I looked up. How could it be now dropping from those wounds of the past years? Are they not healed yet or did I now somehow hurt my Lord? I said, “I don’t know.” That is my all-time excuse, faking myself that ‘I don’t know anything’. I know what is happening. I hurt my Lord even now, in many ways. Why am I not careful not to hurt my Lord? I miserably looked at my Lord. “You don’t worry about my wounds”, my Lord said me. “You worry about your wounds”. “Do I have wounds?”, I asked my Lord. “Yes, you have. You have unhealed wounds, and I can see them bleeding. The blood drops on your fingers are not mine. They are yours.” I was shocked. I didn’t know what to say to my Lord. My Lord knows everything. ‘Who can hide from his face?’

I looked into my own personal life. My scars tell me where I had been in my journey. They tell me the life I lived.  Some wound mark stays with us the rest of our life. Those scars could be signs of love or of betrayal. Some sores could be still bleeding.

My mind wandered for a moment. We may have our invisible scars, not visible to naked eyes; scars of loss, scars of hurts, scars of rejection. Only we see those scars; others won’t. These scars in our hearts may control our emotions, may control our life and destiny. They may take us to dangerous paths in life.  But please remember never ever shrink yourself into a scar. That would be your disaster. Leave behind the pain that caused those scars and rise above your ‘scars’ as Jesus rose from his nail marks into life. Show others your scars and tell them, “It is me” and greet them ‘Peace’ who did hurt you. Be strong in your life. Don’t be a failure.

“Now you are back to your senses”, my Lord told me. “Let our scars be a proof of our healing and not the testimony of our wounds”, my Lord told me with a smile. “How?”, I asked my Lord. “Let us make our wounds a glory, loving and forgiving”, said my Lord. “Then our wounds won’t bleed.” ‘Our wounds should never bleed’. I love it.

Lord, this is my prayer to you, “will you make me a scar on your body; I crave to be a part of your story.” My Lord smiled and walked away. I don’t know what he meant.

My love and God’s blessings,
Father Sebastian Earthedath, MST

Queridos hermanos y hermanas en Jesucristo:

Entonces Jesús les dijo: “¿Por qué están preocupados ...
Mira mis manos y mis pies, que soy yo mismo. Tócame y mira ... "

No sé por qué ahora estoy tan preocupado por las marcas de las heridas de mi Señor. Normalmente no presto mucha atención a esas heridas de mi Señor incluso cuando rezo. Pero ese día fue diferente. Podría ser porque todos estos días estuve escuchando muchas historias sobre esas heridas de mi Señor, historias sobre su amor, sobre nuestra traición, sobre su sacrificio por nuestra crueldad, etc. Me preocupó aún más cuando surgió de repente una pregunta sobre mi propia participación en esas historias. No, lo niego. No tuve ningún papel en herir a mi señor. No soy parte de esas historias. Sucedió hace muchos, muchos años; Yo no estuve ahí. Me relajé. Espera un minuto. Algo cayó en mi cara. Mi dedo fue a limpiarlo. ¿Fue una gota de sangre? ¿Es por las heridas de mi Señor? Miré hacia arriba. ¿Cómo podría estar saliendo ahora de esas heridas de los últimos años? ¿No han sanado todavía o de alguna manera lastimé a mi Señor? Dije: "No lo sé". Esa es mi excusa de todos los tiempos, fingir que "no sé nada". Sé lo que está pasando. Herí a mi Señor incluso ahora, de muchas maneras. ¿Por qué no tengo cuidado de no herir a mi Señor? Miserablemente miré a mi Señor. "No te preocupes por mis heridas", me dijo mi Señor. “Te preocupas por tus heridas”. “¿Tengo heridas?”, Le pregunté a mi Señor. "Si tu tienes. Tienes heridas sin cicatrizar y puedo verlas sangrar. Las gotas de sangre en tus dedos no son mías. Son tuyos." Me quedé impactado. No supe qué decirle a mi Señor. Mi Señor lo sabe todo. "¿Quién puede esconderse de su rostro?"

Investigué mi propia vida personal. Mis cicatrices me dicen dónde había estado en mi viaje. Me cuentan la vida que viví. Alguna marca de herida permanece con nosotros el resto de nuestra vida. Esas cicatrices pueden ser signos de amor o de traición. Algunas llagas pueden seguir sangrando.

Mi mente vagó por un momento. Podemos tener nuestras cicatrices invisibles, no visibles a simple vista; cicatrices de pérdida, cicatrices de heridas, cicatrices de rechazo. Solo vemos esas cicatrices; otros no lo harán. Estas cicatrices en nuestros corazones pueden controlar nuestras emociones, pueden controlar nuestra vida y nuestro destino. Pueden llevarnos a caminos peligrosos en la vida. Pero recuerde que nunca se encoja hasta convertirse en una cicatriz. Ese sería tu desastre. Deja atrás el dolor que causó esas cicatrices y elévate por encima de tus "cicatrices" cuando Jesús resucitó de las marcas de sus uñas a la vida. Muestre a los demás sus cicatrices y dígales: "Soy yo" y salúdelos con "Paz", quienes sí lo lastimaron. Sea fuerte en su vida. No seas un fracaso.

“Ahora has vuelto a tus sentidos”, me dijo mi Señor. “Que nuestras cicatrices sean prueba de nuestra curación y no testimonio de nuestras heridas”, me dijo mi Señor con una sonrisa. “¿Cómo?”, Le pregunté a mi Señor. “Hagamos gloria de nuestras heridas, amando y perdonando”, dijo mi Señor. "Entonces nuestras heridas no sangrarán". "Nuestras heridas nunca deberían sangrar". Me encanta.

Señor, esta es mi oración para ti: “¿Me harás una cicatriz en tu cuerpo; Deseo ser parte de tu historia ". Mi señor sonrió y se alejó. No sé lo que quiso decir.

Mi amor y las bendiciones de Dios,
Padre Sebastian Earthedath, MST 

I hereby announce that the general dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days for Catholics in the Diocese of St. Petersburg will expire on the Vigil of Pentecost, Saturday, May 22, 2021.
Bishop Gregory Parks.

Al acercarse la Pascua, les anuncio por este medio que la dispensa general de la obligación de asistir a Misa los domingos y días de precepto para los católicos en la Diócesis de St. Petersburg caducará en la Vigilia de Pentecostés, el sábado 22 de mayo de 2021.
Reverendísimo Gregory Parkes 


Annual Pastoral Appeal 2021


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A Message from our Pastor, Father Sebastian


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An Act of Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, 
I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. 
I love You above all things, 
and I desire to receive You into my soul. 
Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, 
come at least spiritually into my heart. 
I embrace You as if You were already there 
and unite myself wholly to You. 
Never permit me to be separated from You.  Amen.

Reminder that daily Mass, Monday through Saturday, is at 8:30 AM in the church. Confessions on Saturday 11:00 AM to 12 Noon, also by appointment.


A Note From Fr. Sebastian

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Jesus Christ,

The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God the Father and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

As we all now go through difficult times, let us pray for each other and stay connected. Remember, our God loves us and he will take care of us.

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We just paid off all our debts; then comes this pandemic Covid-19. We re-adjusted our Budget and cut short the expenditure to pay the bills. Thank God , we managed all these past months even though it hurt the parish in various ways. I thank you for your great generosity and support. We are a ‘Blessed Parish Community’.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. You are all in my prayers.

My love and God’s blessings,

Father Sebastian

My love and God’s blessings, Father Sebastian Earthedath, MST

Nota del Padre Sebastián

Queridas hermanas y hermanos en Jesucristo:

La gracia de nuestro Señor Jesucristo y el amor de Dios Padre y la comunión del Espíritu Santo sean con todos ustedes.

Ahora que todos pasamos por momentos difíciles, oremos los unos por los otros y permanezcamos conectados. Recuerde,

nuestro Dios nos ama y cuidará de nosotros.

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Gracias por sus continuas oraciones y apoyo. Están todos en mis oraciones.

Mi amor y las bendiciones de Dios,

Padre Sebastián


Message from our Pastor

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Jesus Christ,
Please continue to support your parish with your time, talent, and monetary offertory.  We appreciate your continued support.

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A Welcome Message from our Pastor, Father Sebastian

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Jesus Christ, 

We warmly welcome all of you to the first Catholic church in West Pasco County. Together with “Our Blessed Mother” we gather at the Table of her Son, Jesus to get nourished and to proclaim His message of love in words and deeds.

We invite you to be a part of our loving Community being present at our Eucharistic celebrations and other events. Every First Friday at 5.00 p.m. is our Family Dinner Time in the Parish Hall. We gather to know one another and to build up new friendships. The third Sunday of the month is the St. Lorenzo 5 Star Breakfast Buffet.  Dates are published in the bulletin.  You must try it as it is the "best in town".

Please visit this magnificent Church adorned with colorful stained glass entrance doors, windows, Carillon Tower, Stations of the Cross and the Doves of Peace; stay here in solitude to get blessings upon you and your family through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother.

We look forward to seeing you!  May God bless you.


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