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Financial Reporting


Annual Pastoral Appeal





This organization shall be known as Our Lady Queen of Peace Finance Council.

ARTICLE II- Required Existence 

The Code of Canon Law #537 mandates that every parish is to form and have in operation a 

Parish  Finance Council. 

ARTICLE III - Mission Statement 

Our mission is to provide advice and counsel to the Pastor, assisting him in the sound 

financial operation of the parish. We seek to promote and maintain fiscal responsibility in 

the administration of the parish through its many ministries. It is through communication 

and cooperation among parish administrators and parish ministries that we are good 

stewards of God's great gifts. 


*Annual budget

*Quarterly and Annual financial reports to the Bishop

*Accountings to the Christian faithful of the parish

*Long-term financial planning

*Financial reporting and other technological systems

*Acquisitions and sales of land

*Expenditures or projects in excess of $25,000

*Leases or other contractual arrangements that last more than one year

*Personnel administration: 

-Staffing needs 

-Salary Scales 

-Tax compliance and reporting

*Personnel Policies

*Borrowing money

*Stewardship and other fund-raising matters

*Federal, State, and local regulatory matters

 ARTICLE IV - Consultative Body 

The Finance Council is a consultative body which makes recommendations to the Pastor to 

aid him in the administration of the parish goods (all parish financial resources, buildings 

and grounds). To be effective in its deliberations, the Finance Council may request financial 

information  and/or other reports and information from the parish staff. 

ARTICLE V - Organization of the Council 

The officers of the Finance Council will consist of a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, and a 

Secretary. The Finance Council will hold elections in June of each year to elect officers for 

the next year. The terms of office for each officer will normally be for a period of one year. 

The Chairperson will preside over the Council meetings and activities. The Secretary shall 

attend each meeting and be responsible for taking and recording a complete and accurate 

account of the meeting. Minutes of each meeting shall be approved by a majority of the 

Council members in attendance at the following meeting. The elected Secretary shall be 

responsible for correspondence written on behalf of the Council.

ARTICLE VI – Duties of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary 

Chairperson: The Chairperson shall establish a schedule for meetings, prepare and 

distribute a meeting agenda and financial statements prior to each meeting. 

Vice-Chairperson: Duties of the Chairperson in their absence. 

Secretary: The Secretary shall attend each meeting and be responsible for taking and 

recording a complete and accurate account of the meeting. The elected Secretary shall be 

responsible for correspondence written on behalf of the Council. The Secretary shall keep a 

record of the membership and their terms of office. 

ARTICLE VII - Membership 

Membership of the Finance Council shall consist of the Pastor and at least seven members 

from the parish. The parish manager will act as an ex-officio non-voting member. New members 

must be registered in Our Lady Queen of Peace and be in good standing.  New members 

of the Council, upon nomination by the Council itself, shall be appointed by the Pastor to 

serve a three-year term. Terms shall be staggered to make certain that all members' terms 

do not expire in the same year. Terms shall end June 30th of each year. Officer elections will 

be held at a meeting before the fiscal year-end in June. After serving a full term Council 

members may be reappointed for another year at the discretion of the Pastor. The Secretary 

shall  keep a record of the membership and their terms of office. 


Addenda to these by-laws may be necessary. After a review by the Council membership and 

by a majority vote of the membership, addenda may attach to the By-laws. The Pastor must 

approve all addenda. The Secretary of the Council shall maintain a file of the by-laws and 

all addenda. 

Adopted  by vote of the Finance Council May 13, 2015.




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